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Exercise For Baby Boomers

Exercise For Baby Boomers

A Little About Me

My name is Ruthlyn and I like to be referred to as Ruth. I have just stepped into my 70’s and like most of us Boomers, aches and pains have set in. However, the boomers are known to be resourceful and unafraid of attempting the new. We do not allow these “setbacks” to change who we are, it is just a matter of changing the route, but we tend to reach our goals no matter how long it takes.

A couple of years ago I had a terrible fall and the muscle in my right arm was badly torn. My arm was dislocated and the tendon came off the upper arm bone and I had to undergo an arthroscopic rotator cup surgery. This involves re-attaching the tendon to the humerus. I am used to being independent so you can imagine the plethora of thoughts that ran through my mind…how was I to cope with these changes? Is it possible for me to return to a normal life? What would be life after surgery?

During my rehabilitation sessions, the physiotherapists introduced me to some stretches and light exercises for both arm and knees as I also had arthritic pains in them. I never thought exercise could help therefore, I went into my sessions with skepticism as I honestly thought this would not help…but to my amazement, it did! All along I thought I would have to have knee replacements to be able to walk properly. But by Incorporating these simple exercises into my daily routine was easy and I am now reaping the rewards.

Two years later, I have full utilization of my right arm and my knees are stronger and more flexible. I can walk with more ease. At the time, I was overweight, but with a change of diet and incorporating these exercises into my daily routine, I have lost a couple of pounds, and loving it!

I have found additional light exercise and stretches to incorporate with my exercise routine. It is my desire to help others, who like
myself, may not know that there are exercises that can be done…not only to alleviate the pain but also keep you flexible and strengthen your
legs to help to keep you from becoming a fall risk.

I have also changed my eating habits and have lost a few pounds so now I am looking into healthy eating habits for the baby boomers

My Goal

My overall goal is to help us have quality lives in our daily living activities as much as possible…after all, the “the 70’s is the new

Thank you for taking an interest in my page, and do hope you will visit again.




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