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Living with Kidney Disease—- Knowing all Your Options



Diagnosed with A Chronic Disease

Being diagnosed with a chronic disease can make one feel as if our life has been turned upside down-and-out of control. But, acquiring the right knowledge is really powerful

We worry when we are in the dark as to what to expect, and sometimes what we think can be far worse than what really happens.

It is, therefore, best to learn everything we can about the disease by learning we feel more in control of our life and our health again

The treatment we get can affect every area of our lives, so while we can live well with kidney failure it will not be by accident but by a conscious effort on our part.

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The Mega Motion Lift Chair Recliners Review

Benefits of a Power lift chair

A power lift chair is Folding Cirrus HD Power Chair Review One Of The Better Chairsvery helpful for someone who may need help in getting in or out of their chair The lift chair assist you to stand from a sitting position or to sit from a standing.

The power lift chair is ideal for those who have problems with pain and need help to get in and out of a chair due to pain or lack of muscle strength which can be caused by a number of things like age, arthritis, recovering from surgery, back issues or anything of that nature.

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Living With Lupus—Maintaining Good Health



What is lupus

Lupus can be very difficult to diagnose because its systems are often like symptoms of other diseases. It is a systemic autoimmune disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs.

Lupus causes inflammation and this can affect many parts of the body including the kidney, skin blood cells joint brain heart lungs There are people who are born with an inclination toward Lupus which can be triggered by sunlight certain drugs or by an infection

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Living With Parkinson Disease—Maintaining Good Health

Parkinson’s disease is very challenging to live with, as it causes progressive changes to the motor function to the body, it also causes many other non-motor symptoms, including but not limited to depression, insomnia (sleep problems,) pain, and, brain disorder ex. memory loss inability to reason intellectually

The disease greatly impacts the quality of life on not only the patient but also the ones caring for the patient. Although there is much about PD that we are unable to control by, taking an active role in treatment, including following instructions with medication schedule and making healthy lifestyle choices, can provide a sense of control and help people with PD live their lives to the fullest.

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