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Bennifits of Taking Supplements- Maintaining Good Health

We are looking into supplements’ and their benefits to our overall health and well-being<script async
According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the definition of supplements is;- A product is taken orally that contain one or more ingredients (such as vitamins or amino acids) that are intended to supplement one’s diet and are not considered food.

Sometimes our diet is deficient in our daily requirements of certain vitamins and minerals and this can lead to chronic conditions It is therefore very beneficial to take supplements’.

When we take supplements’ we fill the gap between the different vitamins and nutrients that are missing or is in inadequate.

A pregnant woman, for example, would need to take supplements’ of folic acid which reduces the risk of the development of certain birth defects.

People suffering from heart disease should take supplements’ of fish oil which contain Omega 3 fatty acids

Popular supplements’ include products that are the source of enzymes, herbal and amino acids along with vitamins and minerals.

Supplements contribute to our overall health and well-being. These supplements’ come in the different forms for your continence.

They can be had in powered, capsules, energy bars and tablets, So we have no excuse to be deficient in our essential vitamins or minerals.

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4 Replies to “Bennifits of Taking Supplements- Maintaining Good Health”

  1. When I was pregnant I took prenatal vitamins because they had extra folic acid which is important for development of babies brain and body parts. Now that I am no longer pregnant, I still take my vitamins because I want to live a nice long life and be around for my baby. I take a multivitamin but then I also take a Vitamin C and D on the side. I also take Ginkgo Biloba for my memory and sometimes I take milk thistle for my liver ( after a night of drinking! ) What brand of vitamins do you recommend for new mothers?

  2. Hi Sophia thank you so much for your comment. Yes since I have started researching for this article I realize how spices and herbs added to our diet is beneficial to our health. And it is so convenient that we can get these essential spices and herbs in supplements.

  3. I agree that supplements help with overall wellbeing.

    I’ve been taking some sort of supplement since I was a kid. The only thing that has changed is the reason why I take them.

    I no longer take them because Mom told me to, I now take them because without them, I can definitely feel the difference in my energy levels and focus throughout the day.

    1. Aria thank you for your comment. Yes, we have to take supplements to help us get the necessary amounts of nutrients our body need because of our environment the soil is no longer capable of supplying all the nutrients needed We need them more as we get older.

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