Health Goals For Seniors —Maintaining Good Health

Seniors health Goals
Health Goal for Seniors

Health Goals For Seniors

There is a new perception of reaching old age ( boomers.) We boomers’ are more active and is taking an active role in our health and wellness well- being. We look forward to the future with much hope and optimism.

According to a recent US census estimates that those who are over 65 years will surpass those who are 5 years old by the year 2020 and as most boomers’ becomes more tech-savvy manufacturers and entrepreneurs needs to find new ways to cater to this age group and find new ways to meet our challenges yet allow us to live our lives fully.

Seniors Keeping Healthy
Seniors Are Keeping Active and healthy


Boomers are eating healthier than before the whether  it is because we are taking better care of ourselves or we that we are more informed.

We are getting more exercise as we find out that exercise not only strengthens our bones and joints but exercise helps us to maintain our mobility.

Our quality of sleep is improved maybe not the length I don’t think we need the length of sleep but improving quality of sleep.

We treat chronic illness quicker than before. We listen out bodies and take care of whatever is causing us to be ill.

Boomers balance their mental wellness by taking everything in stride knowing that worrying never solved anything and only makes us sick.

Improve our social connections sometimes by doing some social work, joining an organization or doing some community work or being a part of some group.

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We seem to have been overlooked by the food industry in the  catering to the younger generation and the boomers are neglected  in regards to  our needs and preference  in food and beverages, but I think companies would be wise in paying attention to this age group after all boomers’ will be about 18% of the population by 2020 and we are living longer.

Boomers are likely to reshape the experience of aging, some believe the boomers’ will transform the lifestyle and experiences of the aged in many ways that we are now beginning to understand.

The new 50 and over years older will live differently we make more healthy choices when we eat, less processed food and consume fresher foods. Living a more healthy lifestyle will drive this age group. Everything most of us do is geared towards making good decisions regarding our health and wellness.

The boomers’ have been very influential in their lifestyle to be more active and healthy and I think because of this influence has caused a shift in society as a whole.

The pursuit is not unique to this older generation, because of us boomers’ not just being satisfied with just getting by in our daily lives but by making changes in the culture that will enable us to live better lives.

Wellness is said to be when our dreams, wishes, and hopes come true without discomfort, without conflict or force and do not cause their other desires to be cast aside.

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As we the older generations continue to seek out ways to better ourselves or to improve the quality of our lives we will continue to affect the food and drink industry in new ways.

As we boomers’ continue to find ways to better ourselves and to improve the quality of our lives changes will be made to facilitate us and our needs.

Time is very important to boomers’ (as you can imagine ) this makes it even more important to us to make conscious decisions in planning and making choices that reflect our values and hopes.

We older consumers want when we spend our money we get real value some of us are adventurous and are willing to try new things so that’s another door opened to those who cater to us.

Boomers now live longer than previously but we still get sick with the illness that affects the aged and even though we are getting technology savvy we use it when and how we want to. (for me I am very cautious )

Even though we are considered to be the wealthiest generation yet we are the least prepared for retirement. Almost 10,000 boomers’ becomes eligible for retirement daily and there is constant need to lead us to better retirement and long-term health and wellness.

In order to find a better path for boomers’ for long-term health and wellness and retirement, it is very important to better understand what motivates and excite the boomers’ generation.

The boomers’ generation

Boomers Generation
Boomers Generation.

The phenomenon of the baby boomers’ started in the era of the hippie movement, Woodstock, the Vietnam war, much demonstration, and unrest. This was the time when these teenagers started questioning their parent’s values and views.

The events and circumstances that took place on a global scale at the time shaped  and influenced the boomers’ perspective on important issues like politics religion, personal finance and health, and wellness

Boomers tend to adapt easily and are very optimistic and understand that we are afforded great opportunities to bring the change we believe that we can accomplish anything we put our mind to.

Boomers Retirement

Boomers have changed every culture they have changed cultures of the youth, corporate and we are redefining the retirement culture. The boomers’ are very active and like to experience new things.

But even though boomers’ have so much influence on the culture they are still not adequately prepared for retirement it is reported that just 24 percent of boomers’ are confident that they are will have enough saved to take them through the retirement years. It is said that one in four have saved less than $5.000 and 45 percent of all boomers’ have not saved anything at all.

Because of these realities boomers’ are waiting longer to retire for some it has become a necessity and for health care which has become so expensive that without the healthcare benefits from their job they could not afford health care others work for a sense of purpose that having a job gives them.

Boomers are into the new technology we have been using technology to better our lives We tend to visit health sites more than the average internet user because of this we are very informed and consider the information from these websites are very helpful and a good resource that helps us to ask the right questions when we visit the doctor.

Boomers are educating themselves in the new and different solutions open to them as the medical field gets more technical

there are different methods to help them for instance instead of having an invasive surgery there might be the option to have a minimally invasive or an autoscopic surgery and because of the knowledge gained they can make a more informed decision.

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