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Health and Wellness for Seniors

The best ways of catering to needs of the boomers are to understand what affects us socially, culturally and our personal values.

Our health and fitness mean a lot to us and because of this the fitness industry has shown much interest in this age group due to the global growth in health and fitness membership by this group.

There has been a large growth in health club membership and the boomer’s group is the group that is the largest supporters of these clubs and this is noted especially in the USA where it is said that women over 50 years old are the nation’s number one fastest group of exercises. Researchers have been telling us for a long time that exercise is good for lowering blood pressure losing weight keeping blood sugar in check, the boomers have taken this advice

As we boomers reach retirement age there is a focus on living longer and delaying the visible and physical effects of aging.

Because of these boomers view exercise as one of the keys for living a longer, healthier and happier life.

What is also important to the boomers is not just having a membership to a gym but it is the type of services offered by these gyms, we need programs that cater to our needs, not just high impact exercises and heavy weight lifting.

The Boomers Importance

The boomer generation grew up in a time that was considered to be a privileged time, it was the postwar time and it is said the economy was good. It was the time of great changes this generation was the first through a time of new inventions and systems.

The boomers were considered to be the most educated, influential and prosperous generation and are said to be responsible for half of the discretionary spending in the USA The lowest level of unemployment are among this group.

Because of these facts, producers and marketers covet the business of the boomers in every area of goods and services.

Boomers are expected to live long into their 80-90+and live more independent lives, a lot of research is taking place to create new devices and different vitamins and products in order to facilitate this new era.

Healthy Diet

Boomer has become more aware of what we are eating because we are more informed maybe because of illness that affects us as we age.

Because of these ailments like high blood pressure high cholesterol we are paying attention to our diet and food choices more than the previous generation.

Since so much of the food available is not very healthy, whether it comes from a fast-food restaurant or the neighborhood grocery store.

All these concerns come from the unhealthy use of using additives, insecticides and other unnatural products during production and preparation

There was a survey taken that indicated that four out of five boomers are more food conscious, and pay more attention to ingredients on labels. It is also noted that people on a whole are trending in buying organic food items.

Many boomers seek improved health as the primary reason for their efforts to keep fit. And some of us want to be around to see our grandchildren to have fun with them.

Looking good and appearing younger is a huge factor to this generation of boomers as we are living working with younger people
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2 Replies to “Health and Wellness for Seniors”

  1. I totally agree with this article. I’m based in Australia and I go to the gym during work hours and the place is packed full of boomers.

    When you stated that the fastest growing group of exercisers is the boomers, I fully believe it because of this observation.

    Interesting to see what will become of the generation following the boomers? I think they’re two totally different mindsets. I wonder whether they’ll go the same route and take up fitness memberships and stay fit like the boomer generation? I don’t think so.

    I think the boomers will be the last generation to know that diet and exercise help health not some magic pill!

    1. Hi Rohan Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment I agree with you that boomers will be the last generation that believe that a healthy lifestyle good diet and exercise is what works. The generation coming believe in quick fixes and instant results. Its hard to get my grand children to sit and read a book they prefer to put on headphones and listen to it read to them. I cant imagine a world like that. 

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