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Personal health and wellness — Maintaining Good Health

I am looking into the overall health and wellness for us, Just what does personal health and wellness really means to us.

According to google dictionary wellness is the state of being in good health, especially as we  actively pursue our  goals.

My thoughts are wellness is not just free from physical illness but wellness addresses the broader issues of our overall health, physical, mental and spiritual.

It is the way we live our everyday lives. It is living a lifestyle that balances our growth that last for a lifetime.

Maintaining the highest level of wellness is extremely important in us living a better quality of life. Our wellness matters as it does  not only affect us and our emotions but it also affects those around us.

Usually what’s going on in our mind reflects in our body, so in order to improve our well-being we must have a mindset change.

As long as we are living on this earth things will never be perfect this is not a perfect world, there will always challenge, problems of one kind or another, and if we are not careful we will wear ourselves out trying to overcome challenges and solve problems.

We need to stop being so busy take some time for ourselves stop allowing people to con us to meet their needs and wants. We need to take too’s out of our vocabulary, too tired, too busy etc.

We are made in the image of God, so let us love and appreciate ourselves If we don’t love ourselves who will? If we love ourselves everything else will come together and fall into place.

Let’s be ourselves most persons we meet don’t know what we have been through, what mess we have had to overcome to be where we are. Focus on US the things that make us happy set new goals for ourselves. Never stop learning

We need to stop comparing ourselves in a negative way to others, negative thoughts usually become reality, Think positive spend our time aspirating to reach your goals.

Let us strive towards a better life for ourselves with more confidence and sense of well– being knowing that we are unique and we can make a difference in our corner

Your Role in Your Health

As an adult, it is important  to learn the basics of maintaining good health. Remember you are solely responsible for making healthy choices for yourself and will also bear the responsibility for any poor health choices.

Unfortunately, many of us are so taken up with this world and all thats going on around us that we often grab the quickest and cheapest thing to eat. This mindset has led to a society where cancer and other diseases run rampant, two thirds of the population is overweight or obese and chronic degenerative diseases largely caused by a poor diet and lifestyle are causing people to age prematurely.

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This does not have to be you.

Education is power, especially when paired with implementation. Understanding your options, and choose wisely. Living a healthy and balanced life will have positive ramifications not only for your own wellbeing, but for that of others as well.

The earlier you adopt good habits, the more likely you are to thrive throughout your years and suffer from minimal, is any major health problems.

The Basics of Good Health. Eating a Balanced Diet

While there are many ways to improve and maintain your heath, there are a few basic habits that if adopted, can do wonders for your overall health, especially as we grow older

Food is fuel, and just as a formula one race car requires premium fuel to perform well, your body needs the best foods in order to reach and maintain optimal performance. The food you consume on a daily basis determines not only how much energy you have, but how well your brain functions, how your skin looks, and even how you smell!

Know that your body cannot operate long term on foods that are devoid of nutrients, are high in sugar, and contain large amounts of added chemicals and preservatives. While these are sometimes the tastiest and easiest to prepare foods, they are definitely not contributing to your long term health.

Eat foods from a variety of food groups daily, with large helpings of fruits and veggies

Eat when you’re hungry, not out of boredom.

Drink lots of water. You’re brain, blood, muscles, and tissues are mostly water

Don’t starve them!  Water also helps to keep the wrinkles away .

Get a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep is one of the most important, yet undervalued, ways to maintain and improve your health.

While you rest, your body metabolizes food, repairs injuries that have occurred throughout the day, and has a chance to power down into rest mode and conserve energy.

Much like a cell phone, if you never recharge your body’s battery, it may fail to operate one day when you need it most. Get a good night’s sleep and recharge your batteries.

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