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Baby Boomers Wellness—Maintaing good health

According to the American Hospital Association by the year 2030, there will be more than three times more baby boomers’ than there were in 1980. This means that a group of people will be requiring and receiving more medical attention than previous people of the same age group.

Availability of Medical Information

Boomers Wellness

The United Nations states that will be more of the boomers’ population (people over 65) will be more children 5 years and younger by the year 2050.

By the year 2030, about 60 percent of boomers will be afflicted with one or more chronic health condition and about 62 percentages 50-62 have a chronic disease due to obesity and about 25 percent will have diabetes,

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Chronic Kidney Disease –Maintaining good health

File:Human kidneys.jpg
chronic kidney disease.

What are the kidneys

The kidneys are two organs that are found just below the rib cage on either side of the spine they are shaped like a bean and is  the size of a clenched fist.

When the kidneys are healthy they usually filter about a half cup of blood per minute, and their functions are to remove waste and extra water to make urine. The urine then flows to the bladder via two tubes made up of muscles which known as the ureters, these tubes are located on the sides of the bladder

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Health Goals For Seniors —Maintaining Good Health

Seniors health Goals
Health Goal for Seniors

Health Goals For Seniors

There is a new perception of reaching old age ( boomers.) We boomers’ are more active and is taking an active role in our health and wellness well- being. We look forward to the future with much hope and optimism.

According to a recent US census estimates that those who are over 65 years will surpass those who are 5 years old by the year 2020 and as most boomers’ becomes more tech-savvy manufacturers and entrepreneurs needs to find new ways to cater to this age group and find new ways to meet our challenges yet allow us to live our lives fully.

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Personal health and wellness — Maintaining Good Health

I am looking into the overall health and wellness for us, Just what does personal health and wellness really means to us.

According to google dictionary wellness is the state of being in good health, especially as we  actively pursue our  goals.

My thoughts are wellness is not just free from physical illness but wellness addresses the broader issues of our overall health, physical, mental and spiritual.

It is the way we live our everyday lives. It is living a lifestyle that balances our growth that last for a lifetime.

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