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Folding Cirrus HD Power Chair Review One Of The Better Chairs

Cirrus Sling Seat Plus HD Review    One of the better power wheelchairs
Cirrus Sling Seat Plus HD Review One of the better power wheelchairs

Most People want freedom and independence to go wherever they choose and to perform various kinds of activities.

This is also the case for people with chronic conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injury, etc. There also may be circumstances that this option is not possible either they can’t do it, or it is extremely challenging for them to participate in normal activities.

Using a manual wheelchair may solve this problem, but using one requires significant upper body strength.

If exhaustion or any other difficulty in using a manual wheelchair is experienced, a power wheelchair should be considered.

The power wheelchair consists of a power base, a seat, and controls. These come in various systems.

The power base contains the drive wheels of the wheelchair.

There are the rear wheel, center wheel, and front wheelchairs. Each configuration has advantages and disadvantages.

Front-wheel drive chairs are better for avoiding obstacles. However, rear-wheel drive chairs are more powerful.

Mid-wheel drive chairs have the smallest turning radius and are best suited for indoor use.

The seat can be of numerous types and materials. It can also be equipped with various power options such as tilt, recline, elevate, and even stand.

Before you purchase a wheelchair, you should consult an assessment expert who will help you choose an appropriate cushion and back. They will also help you decide which power options, if any, are necessary.

Finally, there are the controls. If you can’t use your hands, custom controls can be operated with your head, chin, mouth, etc.

For those who need a power wheelchair, I would like to introduce the  Cirrus Sling Seat Plus HD sold online by Medical Supply Depot.

Overview of the Cirrus Plus from spin life./

The Drive Cirrus Plus folding power wheelchair is a great wheelchair at an even better price. Attractive silver vein finish, swing-away footrests, height-adjustable armrests, seat belts, and seat cushions are included.

What Makes This Different

Rear-wheel drive makes the Cirrus Plus easy to maneuver, and it has a 4” ground clearance. This is a folding-frame power chair, so if you remove the batteries from under the seat, the frame can be folded and stowed.

Great standard features include a 2” foam seat cushion, padded backrest with adjustable upholstery, and swing-away footrests with a calf strap and heel loops. Elevating leg rests available at an additional charge.

.You will like the extra support and comfort offered by the seating of the Cirrus Plus. The seat is standard in 16’ or 18” width and can be ordered in a 20” width at an additional charge. For a 22″ seat and higher weight capacity Cirrus, see the Cirrus Plus HD model. The joystick controller is programmable and can be mounted on either the left or right armrest. 1 Year in-home service is included with the Cirrus Plus. 2 and 3 Year in-home service is available,


Item Number




Climbing Angle


PG VSi 50A

Ground Clearance



24V x 320W x 4600 rpm

Max Range

15 miles

Turning Radius



42.5″ x 29.5″ (22″) | 46″ x 31″ (24″)

Seat Dimensions

22″ x 16″, 24″ x 19.5″

Floor-to-Seat Height


Caster Wheels

8″ x 2″ Solid

Drive Wheels

12.5″ x 2.25″ Flat-free

Base Weight

100 lbs. (22″) | 105 lbs. (24″)

Battery Weight

56 lbs. (22″) | 66 lbs. (24″)

Total Weight

156 lbs. (22″) | 159 lbs. (24″)

Top Speed

5 mph

Warranty Frame


Warranty Other Components

on Electronic Controller/Drive Train Components: 24 Months

Weight Capacity

400 lbs. (22″) | 450 lbs. (24″)


  • Foldable, lightweight frame for easy portability
  • Steel double cross-brace frame
  • Adjustable tension back upholstery
  • Armrests are padded, adjustable, and removable
  • Adjustable length controller mount
  • Adjustable tension back upholstery
  • Swing-away footrests with heel loops
  • Optional elevating leg rests (Item #DRVCPELR) sold separately
  • Optional 2″ seat depth extension (Model #DRVSTDS1818N) sold separately
  • Positioning belt included
  • Padded back upholstery with storage pouch and cushioned seat
  • Programmable controller
  • Flat-free, non-marking tires
  • Easy free-wheel operation
  • Manual wheel locks
  • General foam seat cushion incl

Measurement Guide

  • Seat Width
    Measure at the widest point of the body from knee to hip, then add approximately an inch to add some “wiggle room.” Keep in mind that bulkier clothing (such as a winter coat) will require additional width to maintain equivalent space.
  • Seat Depth
    Measure from the backside to the inside of the knee, then subtract approximately two inches. You may add several inches if you prefer more leg overhang to allow for easier leg lifting.
  • Back Height
    Measure from the bottom of the seat to the top. Upper back support is critical for power wheelchair users, particularly at initial acceleration.
  • Hanger Angle
  • Measure horizontally. A tighter angle facilitates tighter steering. The preferred angle will depend on the knee’s ability to bend. The resulting angle will also determine how far the toes extend from the body.
  • Front Seat to Floor
    Measure from the underside of the knee to the sole. Subtract the thickness of the compressed cushion, and add approximately two inches for footrest clearance. (Since power wheelchairs are rarely foot-propelled, you need not consider excluding the additional two inches for the footrest clearance, as you sometimes might with a manual wheelchair.)

Positioning belt included

Padded back upholstery with storage pouch and cushioned seat

Programmable controller

Flat-free, non-marking tires

Easy free-wheel operation

Manual wheel locks

General foam seat cushion included

Anti-tip wheels

The value of the Cirrus Plus HD Folding Power Wheelchair is unsurpassed. Offering all the most desired options, the Cirrus Plus HD Folding Power Wheelchair is powerful and portable. The top speed is 5 mph on a level surface.

The Cirrus Plus HD Folding Power Wheelchair is 29 inches wide, weighs 146 pounds, supports up to 400 pounds, and has a wide turning radius.

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Reviews Of Owners Of The Cirrus Plus HD wheel-chair

There are many positive reviews on the Cirrus Plus HD wheel-chai owners, this just one of the many.

5.0 out of 5 stars

This chair is just wonderful. I’ve had power chairs that always break and …

Reviewed in the United States on September 26, 2015

This chair is just wonderful. I’ve had power chairs that always break, and I hardly get to use them. This chair I have already used for a good month. It has made such a difference in my life.

It can go on the grass, so it has been a big help for me when I pull the trash around. Also, I can walk the dog with it.

He really gets more exercise since I’ve had this chair. I wish I had gotten this brand sooner.

My next challenge is getting a car to just  it in without having to take out the batteries. I would never take out the batteries just for a trip in the car. They are very heavy, and I was fortunate to get them for the first time. Again, I highly recommend this chair.

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