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The Benefits of Exercise for Boomers— Maintaining Good Health.

The benefits of exercise are numerous to everyone but especially for boomers, the benefits can be life-saving.

What is Exercise?

According to google dictionary.- Exercise is activity requiring physical effort carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.

It is said that Exercise may also delay and prevent diseases like diabetes, cancer and help alleviate symptoms of depression and for us, seniors exercise also there are added benefits.

Benefits of exercise for boomers

It is a known fact that regular exercise lowers the risk of falls and the chance of injury it also reduces the risks of chronic disease and also improves the mood.

Exercise helps our brain to function as it keeps the brain cells alive and functioning because of this memory will improve, you will be better able to concentrate keep focus more ant this is said to show improvement only after three weeks of exercising.

The scientist has found the after a few weeks of regular exercise the occurrence rate of dementia was decrease by 35% lower than those who had no physical exercise.

On entering the forties we can lose 3-5% of our muscle mass. It is our muscles help us to keep our balance and also keep us strong,  and help us to maintain our ability to live independent lives.

Strong muscles also reduce the risk of falling and incurring fractured bones by keeping strong bones and joints healthy. Helps control joint swelling and pain that comes with arthritis

Strong muscles can reduce the risk of dying from heart disease or developing hypertension and in some cases, blood pressure may be reduced.

The best exercise for boomers

The best exercise is the one you enjoy most because if you don’t like what you are doing it will become a chore and then you may not want to do it.

When considering any of the numerous types of exercise it is important to know exactly what you need to get out of your exercise routine, and that may change from time to time, after reaching one level you may want to increase our goal.

Boomers number 1 priority is maintaining the quality of life in order to do that we should focus on exercises that build strength, muscle mass stays mobile improve stamina, balance, and stability.

Remember to be sure to check with your doctor before starting any exercise and if you have not exercised for a while it is always best to start off slowly start with the easy ones first.




Swimming is a good exercise for those of us that have joint issues there is only minimal stress on the bones and joints swimming also increase cardiovascular fitness and strength the muscles


Yoga is another option and this type of exercise is also low impact and gentle on the joints Yoga is also a holistic approach to fitness and helps with flexibility, mobility, core strength and stability   Yoga is weight bearing by doing the exercises we have to bear our body weight with every posture and this helps to strengthen our muscles and bones.

Body weight training 

A lot of older adults experience severe muscle loss fortunately when it comes to building muscles we do not have to overextend ourselves doing bench presses or other strenuous exercises to build muscles and it is much safer to start small.

We can do chair squats single leg stand wall pushups these easy  muscle building exercise will keep our body strong

Training with resistance band

There is a vast amount of resistance band available on sale they are reasonably priced and can be found at any sports store.

They are a good tool for beginners and are good for at home exercises, bands can be used to help to strengthen the muscles in the arms legs and shoulders.

WalkingConquer Under Desk Portable Electric Treadmill Walking Pad

Walking is another exercise that is easy and can be done at any time and it is free. It is recommended that for a good workout to take at least 10000 steps per day.

It is said people who increased their activity levels to 10,000 steps per day were 46 percent less likely to die in the following 10 years compared to those who stayed sedentary.

And if you cannot get out to walk there is also the treadmill, there are some that are user-friendly and is compact and easy to use can fold for easy storage and is ideal for daily walking sessions, and moderate running without leaving home.

Because of illness some of us may not be able to make 10000 steps per day but do what you can and try to increase the steps you can do this by parking a farther away from the shop taking the stars if you can manage. Walking still remains the best free exercise and can impact your overall health.


Cycling is another exercise that is good for those of us who suffer from knee joint pains it low impact, increases leg strength it improves cardiovascular health metabolic health, and cognitive function and performance.

Some communities have cycling trails but if there is none there is always the stationary bike there are no worries about finding a cycling trail or the weather no special clothing or equipment.

Personal Trainer

If you think you need a more personal professional attention then you can opt for a gym or personal trainer .there are trainers who offer small group sessions or a one and one session.

No matter what you chose the trainer is there to guide you in doing the exercise properly,  the way you gain knowledge on how to do their exercise routine and you can then carry on, on your own.

But be sure to choose a trainer that is qualified and is certified by a governing body and has experience in training senior citizen.

But please remember it is important to keep moving. I know,  sometimes for us boomers it is hard because of pain and this is the time we must move in order to keep us mobile.

I have placed a link to a video which I think could be of use to some of us Please let me know if it helped you any.

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