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When Do You Know Its Time For an Assisted living ( If These Signs Are Present, It’s Time)

If these signs are present its time for assisted living.
When do you know its time for assisted living

Do you have loved ones that you are caring for and you are beginning to feel burnt out and stressed or is providing care is more than you can handle, then maybe it’s time to consider an assisted living facility.

What is assisted living?

Assisted living is a facility that provides seniors with assistance while allowing them to maintain as much privacy and independence as possible.

There are different names that are used to describe assisted living facility it can be described as an assisted living residence or assisted living community.

But whatever its called these facilities provides care and assistance with their daily task like assisting to bathe, dress, a reminder to take medications and whatever ADL they may need.

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Mental Health in Seniors—Maintaining Good Health

Mental Health in seniors

Mental health for boomers is essential to our overall well-being. But today, many boomers are struggling to get adequate help and support. Doctors, caregivers, and family members should be concerned about seniors’ mental health.

Sometimes mental symptoms get confused with signs of aging. There are significant differences between aging and mental health. And it would be wise for caregivers to recognize the difference and learn how to support the senior showing the symptom.

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